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We want you to be a part of our journey.

Where did we get our start?

Certn was founded on land that is the traditional, sacred, and shared territory of the Lekwungen (lək̓ʷəŋən) – now known as Esquimalt and Songhees – peoples.

Lekwungen means “Place to Smoke Herring”. The Lekwungen Peoples have hunted and gathered here since time immemorial. This area, with its temperate climate, natural harbours, and rich resources, was a trading centre for a diversity of First Peoples. We are immensely thankful to the First Peoples for the ability to continue to work on this land and gather here for team events. 

As we grow globally it is important for our entire team to be grateful for the land we work and play on. If you are interested in working at Certn, we would love to learn about the land you will be joining us from!

How we work

We want you to maximize your impact in ways that are sustainable for your life. We prioritize a remote-first work environment and give you the flexibility needed to create a healthy work-life balance throughout your day and be impactful as possible. This means we:
  • Foster remote personal connections by connecting often & building fun into every process we can
  • Prioritize your career growth & create an environment for you to live your best life in and out of work
  • Set you up for success with the right tools & equipment from day one
  • Allow you to work abroad for up to 90 days per year 
While Certonians work remotely most of the time, we do come together in thoughtfully crafted, in-person experiences where teams create, build, and learn together.

We are people first

We are a value-driven company that values accountability, working synergistically, being inclusive of unique perspectives and (our personal favourite) not being assholes - aka approaching all solutions & problems with compassion and empathy. Our goal is the be the best place to work, which means our people are our number one priority at Certn! We do this by fostering an environment where we can create authentic connections, have fun at work (spicy-noodle challenge anyone?!) and 360 feedback is always welcome. 

“The culture. Wow. One of Certn’s values consists of not hiring people who are a**holes, and this shows. Everyone here is truly amazing.”

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